ENSPRYNG dosing schedule

  • ENSPRYNG is a subcutaneous injection given under the skin once a month via a prefilled syringe
  • During the first month, you will have 3 starting doses (injections) of ENSPRYNG. You will receive 1 prefilled syringe (120 mg of ENSPRYNG) for each dose. The 3 starting doses will be given 2 weeks apart
  • After the first month, a monthly injection will be given every 4 weeks
  • Talk to your healthcare provider if you have or think you have signs of an infection. Your healthcare provider may delay your next dose

If you miss a dose of ENSPRYNG, talk to your healthcare provider about restarting dosing.


What to know before starting treatment with ENSPRYNG

Your healthcare provider will take appropriate steps to investigate if you have an infection and treat if necessary before you start ENSPRYNG or allowing you to continue on ENSPRYNG.

All required vaccinations should be completed before starting ENSPRYNG.

  • Live vaccines, which contain bacteria or viruses that have been weakened, should be given at least 4 weeks before you start ENSPRYNG
  • Non-live vaccines, which contain the inactivated version of bacteria or virus, should be given, whenever possible, at least 2 weeks before you start ENSPRYNG

Your healthcare provider should order some blood tests including liver function before and while receiving ENSPRYNG. Your healthcare provider will determine how often you will need to have these blood tests. Make sure you get all your follow-up blood tests as ordered by your healthcare provider.

ENSPRYNG is the first approved self-administered treatment for NMOSD.
Talk with your healthcare provider to see if starting ENSPRYNG is right for you.

ENSPRYNG injection training video

This video gives you step-by-step instructions on how to properly administer ENSPRYNG. You should be trained by your healthcare provider for your first dose. Then use this video to refresh what you learned. You should also review the ENSPRYNG Instructions for Use for further guidance.

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Use the Injection Training Video to reinforce and refresh the techniques you learn from your healthcare provider.